5 cinema etiquette you must adhere to

featured10 - 5 cinema etiquette you must adhere to

People pay extra to go catch a movie at the cinema because the environment provides an awesome movie experience. It’s therefore important for you not to be the reason for other people not enjoying their experience at the movies. Through this article we’ll share with you a couple of cinema etiquette you must adhere to so that everybody enjoys their time at the movies.

Here are 5 cinema etiquettes you must adhere to.

Always arrive at least 5 minutes early

No one at the cinema enjoys disruptive people when a movie has already started showing therefore for you to avoid disrupting people by walking in front of them and obstructing their view when the movie is going on, it’s a good practice to learn to arrive early, at least five minutes before the movie starts.

Never put your feet on the seats

One of the most disgusting things many movie goers like doing is placing their feet on the seats. Not only is this unhygienic considering your feet have been stepping on all sorts of surfaces but it also gives the cinema staff a hard time cleaning after you. Therefore do everyone a favor and keep your feet on the ground where they are meant to be.

Never go to the cinema when you are sick

No matter how much you crave the cinema, never go to watch a movie when you are suffering from a cold, a cough or any other illness. Not only will you putting everyone else at risk, but you will also disrupt other people’s peace by coughing and sneezing every now and then.

Leave your baby with the sitter

In as much as we love babies and we know you love your baby, you must never bring them to the cinema no matter what. The reality is that babies can’t be controlled especially when they decide to throw a tantrum which they will. It’s therefore a no-no for you to bring babies to the cinema as they are bound to disrupt the peace and quiet of the other viewers.

Be mindful of where you seat

Generally, you should never seat right next to someone you don’t know when the cinema is not full as this at times can be seen as creepy. If there are very many rows of unoccupied seats, pick the row with the least number of people.

All in all, these etiquettes have been laid out so that you as well as the people around you can get to enjoy their time at the cinema with ideally no disruptions.

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